399 Skater V-Bottom

Offshore Endurance is a professional boat racing and marine technology development company which designs, builds and races offshore endurance powerboats around the world.  Offshore Endurance captured its first world record in 2012, breaking the 10 year old Bermuda Challenge world record by almost an hour with a time of 21 hours, 39 minutes. Soon after that record was beat and Offshore Endurance set out again in the 399 Skater V-Bottom to reclaim the record. Offshore Endurance now holds the official world record for the Bermuda Challenge with the time of 15 hours and 48 minutes.  The company is currently developing an exciting pipeline of technology which it intends to demonstrate in several upcoming powerboat world record endurance attempts.

For inquiries, contact us at OffshoreEndurance@gmail.com

Hi friends and followers! It's been a little quiet around here for the last few months so we thought we would update you on how the new boat is coming. The new 50' Skater catamaran is officially out of the mold and bonded together! We can't wait to get the boat finished in time to set some new endurance records!

Offshore Endurance now holds the world record for the Bermuda Challenge with a time of 15:48!!